Recall Senate President Stephen Sweeney of NJ

We the people of the State of New Jersey, do hereby support this petition to RECALL NJ SENATOR STEPHEN SWEENEY.” The people of New Jersey deserve better, under a decade of failed policies and leadership, New Jersey is in a massive decline:

  • The highest property taxes in the USA.
  • The 2nd highest Income Taxes in the USA.
  • Highest death taxes / inheritance taxes in the USA.
  • EDUCATION – Sweeney refused to bring 4 different PARCC reform Bills (Common Core Education) to the floor for a vote.   This has been going on for 2 years.
  • Greatest Tax Migration in the USA (almost a 2 to 1 ratio of tax payers leaving the state versus arriving).
  • Top 1/3 of Unemployment in the USA.
  • Hostile Business Environment causing major companies to Leave NJ.
  • The most expensive roads per / mile.
  • Failed policies on crime.
    • The city of Newark NJ had the most murders in 2013 ever recorded.
    • Essex county had a record 475 Car Jackings in 2013 the most ever recorded.
  • Continued corruption at all levels of government.
  • Gun Laws which target Law Abiding Citizens which have resulted in families and individuals being unjustly persecuted and lives destroyed.
    • The NJ Firearms Laws must restore basis 2A rights and solely target Criminal Behavior.
  • Failed Big Government whose burden is collapsing the states fiscal resources.
    • Big Government must be cut in half:
      • Get Rid of Paid Freeholders.
      • Reform Public Unions to make then “affordable and sustainable.”
        • We have the longest and most expensive commutes per mile thanks to the NY NJ Port Authority (extremely dysfunctional organization requiring massive oversight and reform).
        • Commuters have had to endure a decline in service by the NJ Transit Rail Systems, while getting hit with 5% or more fare increases in some years (should have been capped).
      • Cut the Number of State Senators and Representatives in Half.
      • Cut the frequency of meeting.
      • Cut their salaries by half – they have failed the people.
  • Allow NJ Municipalities to be “UNINCORPORATED” – Forcing incorporation is expensive and doesn’t allow for shared services.
  • Our education system has failed many despite being the most expensive in the USA
  • STOP the take over of our NJ education system by corporations like Pearson Education pushing PARCC and Common Core garbage.
  • The current government controlled systems support failure:
For example:

The Camden Freeholders recently voted a $66,800 raise for the Chief of Police to bring his annual salary to $230,000; despite the fact that Camden NJ has the highest murder rate in the USA.


Camden public schools spent $23,770 per student ($19,118 on a budgetary per-pupil basis) in the 2009–10 school year[27] In 2012, the city’s graduation rate fell to 49%, well below the state average of 86%.[28] and the national average of 93%.[29] In 2012, 3 out of 882 SAT test-takers were scored “college-ready”, defined as a combined score of 1550 or higher on the three sections of the test, a standard met by 43% of students taking the exam nationwide.[30] Among residents, 40% are below the national poverty line.[31]
Camden had the highest crime rate in the United States in 2012, with 2,566 violent crimes for every 100,000 people,[32] which is 6.6 times higher than the national average of 387 violent crimes per 100,000 citizens.[33]

Why should the NJ Tax Payers have to continue to support a public school system and police department which have both massively failed – it should be dismantled and replaced with a more cost effective system which will actually help the people in this community.

Provide a system of government which doesn’t ignore the rights of the minority voters.  We are a republic which should guarantee ALL citizens certain inalienable rights.

Instead of focusing on fixing the NJ economy which is currently a mess with unemployment in the upper 25th percentile in the USA – he instead has been focusing on prioritizing gun-control legislation in back room deals; in a state where the right to carry is already denied to all citizens by default.


If Sweeney was truly interested in preventing crime and madmen from using GREATER THEN 10 bullets at one time, then he should add a mandatory 1 year sentence for each bullet used to commit a crime above 10 rounds – and exclude acts of self defense. Clearly, the purpose of his legislation was NOT TO PROTECT THE GENERAL PUBLIC, IT WAS TO DISARM THE GENERAL PUBLIC

Recommended Formula:

{+1 mandatory year added to a jail sentence:
if > 10 bullets used to commit a criminal act}

Now that’s just common sense gun legislation which targets the right people i.e. THE CRIMINALS.

Under Sweeney’s currently proposed legislation, a criminal who uses 2 separate 10 round magazine gets NO ADDITIONAL PUNISHMENT (he must think that’s okay) versus – a criminal act which uses 20 bullets will result in a criminal getting an additional 10 years of incarceration (+10 year mandatory sentence = 20 – 10 maximum new threshold). This solution targets the problem New Jersey is facing today; versus Sweeney’s fantasy legislation meant to solely appease his constituents and the left leaning media; based on an event which has never occurred in over 225 years in the State of NJ – which already has the strongest anti-gun laws in the USA.

Lies, Lies & Exploitation:

Nobody is buying your lies Sweeney, there hasn’t been a single public mass school shooting in the state of NJ since it was founded on December 18, 1787 – so stop exploiting the victims of the Newtown Connecticut shootings by parading them throughout the State of NJ like hand puppets. Your behavior is disrespectful to those who lost lives, you have no honor for the victims of this heartless tragedy. Sweeney exploiting victims is despicable and reprehensible behavior.

Let’s send a strong message to the New Jersey State Legislators by supporting this petition and let them know you are feed up their failed policies on social, economic, and crime statistics.

State Senator Stephen Sweeney has held office for over a decade and now resides as the NJ Senate President and has now taken to closed door non-public hearings on issues which seriously will affect all people in the state of NJ.

“We the people of NJ demand a voice in ALL NEW LEGISLATION WHICH IS PROPOSED; and therefore support this petition in the 3rd District to RECALL STATE SENATOR PRESIDENT STEPHEN SWEENEY OF NEW JERSEY.”

NOTE:  In order to successfully Recall Sweeney, you need to be a registered voter in NJ District #3. However, anyone can volunteer to help collect signatures in Sweeney’s 3rd District.

Consider Volunteering – Click Here.

16 thoughts on “Recall Senate President Stephen Sweeney of NJ

  1. elmer kerr says:

    recall my vote

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  3. @HindaRifka says:

    Remember when these politicians told us NJ had too much crime & the ONLY way to stop the crime was to limit magazines to 15 rounds?
    We went along with that, we let them limit magazines to 15 rounds. Now, they tell us the ONLY way to stop crime in NJ is to limit magazines to 10 rounds. Well, we don’t believe them, you know why?


    If it didn’t stop crime the 1st time they limited magazines, why would it suddenly, magically stop crime the 2nd time they limit magazines? No more lies, no more magazine limits, NJ’s law abiding gun owners have awoken!

  4. give me liberty or give me death says:

    Sweeney is a piece of garbage and at this point I’m [starting to] completely resent and despise the sandy hook parents. I don’t care about their [mourning anymore and trying to come to terms, and playing the blame game]! I care about my rights.

    1. give me liberty or give me death says:

      Your chicken sh-t moderator line should read ……… Your post is awaiting censorship
      [we don’t censor anything, unless it doesn’t meet the sites published terms and conditions – no worries, we published both your sanitized comments]

    2. rob tomas says:

      “give me liberty or give me death” Your comment is what makes most NJ voters dismiss this cause before they even hear the facts. NOT COOL.

    3. Annette says:

      I think trashing the Sandy Hook parents is reprehensible. Just STOP! Gun owners don’t need should not be worrying about magazine sizes. Who cares.. Keep your guns to yourself! Im interested in the fact he has screwed the taxpayers of jobs and union workers are getting screwed on just about every level, including taking MORE MONEY out of weekly paychecks for pension, health, and a host of others. We are loosing NJ Residents by the thousands and business sucks. Now the fact that ExxonMobil is getting away with Murder thanks to Christie maybe you could recall both of these IDIOTS! The politics in NJ is off the charts and it needs to stop!

      1. admin says:

        None of the Recall People “trashed” any of the Sandy Hook parent. Quite the contrary we are mortified by the parading, puppeteering and grandstanding orchestrated by Stephen Sweeney and his cronies. The Sandy Hook Tragedy touched everyone, and we agree that criminal behavior should be punished. We also support restrictions of firearms ownership by mentally ill people. Nobody is waiving any guns around, they are already by default illegal in NJ unless you meet one of the few exemptions. However, we do ask that the State of NJ recognize “Law Abiding Legal Firearms Owners” and “Illegal Firearms Criminals.” Today, there is no distinction which has destroyed numerous lives.

        We agree that the politics in NJ is “off the charts.” NJ is pretty much near last place in almost every social and economic measurement, and it’s only been getting worse. Since 2007 the number of citizens living in poverty, under Sweeney’s “leadership” has increased from 20% to 25%. When adjusted for cost of living expenses, that puts NJ in last place with Mississippi.

  5. admin says:

    Here’s some civil discourse for those who Support Sweeney’s latest Gun Control Measures (anonymously posted):

    Question: How many of the several thousand murders committed in Newark, Trenton, Camden, Irvington and our other urban areas in the last 10 years were committed with the 11th bullet?

    Answer: Zero*

    Question: So why will this reduce gun violence in New Jersey?

    Answer: It won’t.

    And Sweeney knows that. But now that he’s shed tears in public, he can ignore civil discourse and get right to the point: emotional bigotry against firearms. Period.

    And by the way, the Newtown families are still looking for revenge that they can’t have, because the two people actually responsible for that tragedy are dead.

    * It is most probable that <= 10 rounds would kill any individual - unless they were wearing protective gear.

    1. Mike Hanson says:

      Exactly. gun control is just a political tactic, and magazine limits are one of the most ridiculous attempts to restrict guns. It takes a few seconds to reload, that’s not enough one to rush someone, there is zero evidence of magazine limits, carry bans, assault weapons bans, and many other gun control measures actually working, we know this and the CDC admitted this in their 2013 study funded by the Obama admin, but most people haven’t seen that study because when Obama found out it proved all the crap he supported for gun control was BS he made sure it stayed out of the news. The easiest way to look at it is to consider that despite having the toughest gun control in the country NJ, CA, NY, Chicago, and DC have some of the highest violent crime rates. If gun control was even a little effective, we would at least a small correlation between it and lower crime rates but that is just not te case here or in other countries. even Russia is finally admitting armed citizens save lives and is allowing citizens to carry for the first time in decades.

  6. Dennis says:

    Sweeney should be part of The Racketeering charges for Local 401. The FEDs must make an immediate arrest. Sweeney has bullied businesses and should be included in the RICO charges of local 401

  7. David Archibald says:

    Sweeney has his eye on the Gov. seat. Never happen! The legal gun owners are fed up with the Dems. I will keep the mags.! You can keep the change.

    1. njgungy says:

      David Archiblad,

      “The legal gun owners are fed up with the Dems” well if they were they sure did NOT show it during the last elections. Most gun owners in NJ are still asleep. I have had many say that since the ten round mag bill does not affect them they could care less about it. Of course these folks are NJ Hunters.

  8. eric bunk says:

    More feel good laws that do nothing to stop or prevent crime.

  9. Jeffrey Reese says:

    Why does NJ
    1. Have the highest taxes and the most potholes?
    2. Why has it taken 30 years to rebuild the route 42 & 295 interchange?
    3. Why are there no new large corporations headquartered in South Jersey in the past 40 years?
    4. Why have all the large corporations left south jersey?
    New Jersey and Sweeney = FAIL

  10. Kevin Harrison says:

    If Sweeny was truly interested in preventing crime and madmen from using GREATER THEN 10 bullets at one time, then he should add a mandatory 1 year sentence for each bullet used to commit a crime above 10 rounds – and exclude acts of self defense. Clearly, the purpose of his legislation was NOT TO PROTECT THE GENERAL PUBLIC, IT WAS TO DISARM THE GENERAL PUBLIC

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