New Jersey Legislators Who Voted for Tyranny!


We have received multiple requests to publish all the New Jersey legislators names who voted for both gun control measures A2006 and A2777 on March 13th, 2014.

FACT:  Only 3 Republicans were able to have any say in the below legislative bills.


FACT:  The two bills were supported and voted upon unanimously by 18 New Jersey Democrats in total.

An external source has complied the below information using publicly available materials (we believe the information is accurate; however, we make no guarantees to this effect, and are simply reprinting information for public education purposes):

A comprehensive list of the 5 Democratic Members of the “Law & Public Safety Committee” who voted YES to push forward both gun control measures.


The hearing was held in Trenton, NJ on 3/13/2014 in an afternoon session.

We have also included 2 separate lists for “THE WALL OF SHAME“:

  1. The 12 Democrats who were sponsors for Bill A2006which reduces the maximum capacity of magazines from 15 to 10 rounds without grandfathering in existing lawful owners; thereby criminalizing hundreds of thousands of law abiding citizens in the State of New Jersey.  We view this law as clearly unconstitutional, since it contradicts the 2nd amendment and will create criminals out of previously purchased private property.
  2. The 2 Democrats who were the sponsors for Bill A2777, which defines “reasonable” deviations in the course of transporting firearms. Under this new tyrannical law a New Jersey resident would only be allowed to stop to go to the bathroom and / or get gas at a public place of business.  However, if the New Jersey resident attempted to deviate for food or drink (buy a doughnut, hamburger or soft drink), they would be committing a felony punishable for 1 to 10 years depending on the judge.


Members of Law and Public Safety Committee voted-yes – click for pdf file

Members of Law and Public Safety Committee voted-yes_Page_1 Members of Law and Public Safety Committee voted-yes_Page_2 Members of Law and Public Safety Committee voted-yes_Page_3 Members of Law and Public Safety Committee voted-yes_Page_4 Members of Law and Public Safety Committee voted-yes_Page_5

*Note:  We have decided to not include the names of the 3 Republican members who voted against the 2 gun control bills – we thank you for upholding your oaths to office and for your generous public service, and we the public will continue to vote for you in future elections.


3 thoughts on “New Jersey Legislators Who Voted for Tyranny!

  1. Ed Seddera says:

    Wise words and actions from 55 of the 62 county sheriffs in Colorado:

  2. jac says:

    You’re not stopping the real criminals at hand or making it harder for them to obtain…just regulating law abiding citizens their god given right to bear arms. Your little laws will only hurt, not help as always BC you keep regulating bit by bit our right to protect ourselves. It’s not your job to take our rights away…especially a right that could save a life.

  3. Paul J. DiBartolo says:

    Sweeney said the 15-round limit was effective in 2013. What happened? I guess re-election will do that. Get rid of the lot.

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