Let Them Eat Cake – Fast Tracking!

“Let them eat cake” is the traditional translation of the French phrase “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche.”


– Commonly attributed to Queen Marie Antoinett

The quotation, as attributed to Marie Antoinette, was claimed to have been uttered during one of the famines that occurred in France during the reign of her husband, Louis XVI. Upon being alerted that the people were suffering due to widespread bread shortages, the Queen is said to have replied, “Then let them eat brioche.”

In other words, the leadership was completely insensitive and out of touch of the suffering of the people.

While the State of New Jersey is spiraling into financial ruin, with a mass exodus of wealth to one of the 43 other free States (i.e. no magazine restrictions). The democratic NJ legislative body has been very busy at work flying in Sandy Hook, CT residents into the State of New Jersey to help bolster their anti-gun agenda and helping fast-track new legislation which is targeting law abiding citizens rather than criminals.

The New Jersey Democrats have pulled off the impossible, getting legislation fast tracked for a low probability event which has actually never occured in the State of New Jersey.  That is correct, since New Jersey has never been the victim of a tragic public school shooting, they had to go to another State; to find victims (ie. two Sandy Hook parents) to pass laws against the one million law abiding residents of New Jersey.  If your head is spinning at this point it should be.

If you are outraged, you’re not alone.  If you were looking for balanced hearings and voting, you’re in the wrong state.  Never mind that their were Sandy Hook parents which were completely against any more gun control.

‘The Problem Is Not Gun Laws’: Watch the Emotional Speech by a Sandy Hook Victim’s Dad That Got a Standing Ovation

Forget about the fact that any trained teacher, administrator or security armed with a firearm could have potentially ended the tragedy before it began.  None of this matters to the pigheaded New Jersey Democratic Legislators, whom have all made the anti-gun agenda the highest priority for The State of New Jersey in 2014, over all other issues.  Let’s just all ignore the fact that New Jersey, according to the Brady Campaign already has the 2nd most restrictive laws in the United States, out of the 50 states – this statistic coming from a group which is fully funded by the most anti-gun lobbyist in the USA.

So, now both Bills A2006 & A2777 are headed for a vote next week, by the New Jersey Senate, and it will most certainly be passed as their highest priority of the 2014 session. We are impressed by the focus of the The New Jersey Assembly, which has completely managed to ignore all the serious economic and criminal issues facing New Jersey; and instead fast tracked in under 30 days, some of the most vehement anti-gun legislation this Nation has ever seen.

A2777 is the only legislation of it’s type, which helps support the fact that in New Jersey,


and only a handful of carved out exceptions are lawful.

Bill A2777 attempts to define those “reasonalble deviations” ONLY allowing New Jersey citizens the right to go to the bathroom and fill their cars with gas – NO OTHER EXCEPTIONS PERIOD.  Any other reason for stopping, including stopping to help fellow citizens in emergency situations,

picking up a sick child at a school or even purchasing some food or a drink will be considered a felony punishable up to 10 years in jail.

Both A2006 and A2777 are criminal laws, which DO NOT CONSIDER THE INTENT OF THE INDIVIDUAL.  For example, a person stopping to take money out of an ATM machine with their own bankcard in New Jersey will be a criminal under A2777; to the same extent as a bank robber.  A criminal law which does not take into consideration of the intent of the alleged perpetrator creates numerous openings for abuse.  Their is a serious difference between a trained good Samaritan performing CPR in a fast food chain and an individual committing an act of armed robbery.  The New Jersey gun laws will not make any distinction.

Please be aware that New Jersey is about to pass a law, which will potentially turn up to 1 million previously legal firearms owners in the State into criminal felons by the stroke of a pen.

We ask that you get involved by signing our petition which will be printed and hand delivered to the Honerable Governor Chis Christie, and also call your New Jersey Sentator plus Governor and kindly request that they oppose both A2006 & A2777.

Never mind that New Jersey has some of the worst unemployment in the country; heck the Federal Reserve just lowered the bar by stating that the previous unemployment rates we were using for the past decades was completely wrong.

6.5% Percent Unemployment No Longer a Good Target for Rate Rise, Says Fed. The Federal Reserve is thinking about changing a major policy benchmark.

It doesn’t matter that New Jersey has the highest property taxes already in the nation, the democratic solution is to raise them higher, so they can give away tax payer money faster to gain even more votes (See The Fatal Sequence).

It doesn’t matter that New Jersey has the highest income tax in the nation, excluding New York, which is also a liberal cesspool (about 12.45% vs. 12.75% income tax rate).

Never mind the fact that most tax payers in New Jersey missed the fact that the largest State budget in New Jersey history, will only allow for 6% of discretionary type spending, since most of the money is going to pay public employee benefits:

While it is the biggest budget in state history, 94% of the growth from last year’s plan is due to pension, health and debt service costs, according to an administration analysis.

We are actually convinced that Chris Christie’s fiscal prudence is the only reason why New Jersey hasn’t eroded into a complete financial collapse.

Gov. Chris Christie’s Plan Comes Minus Brash Tone – No Tax Increases Expected, Pension Payment Less Than State’s Obligated Amount. 

While New Jersey is in serious economic decline, and in last place in nearly every economic measurement, we believe that the New Jersey Legislators should be working with our Governor to improve the conditions for all citizens of the state, and not solely focus on contentious legislative activities.

Below is the Legislative history of Bills A2006 and A2777:

Session 2014-2015
Bill A2006:
1/16/2014 Introduced And Referred To Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee
3/13/2014 Reported Assembly Committee Amendments 2nd Reading
3/20/2014 Passed Assembly (46-31-0)


Bill A2777:
2/27/2014 Introduced And Referred To Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee
3/13/2014 Reported 2nd Reading
3/20/2014 Motion To Aa (Rible)
3/20/2014 Motion To Table (44-29-1) (Greenwald)
3/20/2014 Passed Assembly (43-29-4)


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