Possible Correlation between Gun Laws & Prosperity

STUDIES NOW SHOWING THAT CERTAIN STATES WHICH HAVE THE MOST RESTRICTIVE GUN LAWS HAVE THE WORST BUSINESS CLIMATE. The two apparently go hand and hand. All one has to do is just look at the state rankings according to the Brady Campaign (which hasn’t updated it’s scorecard ranking since 2011 – which would now put NY at #1 i.e. “NY SAFE ACT”).

Mathematically we are talking about a notable correlation between the states with the worst “Business Climates” also having the most draconian gun laws.

In plain English, the more laws a state passes to control people freedoms and business freedoms, the less overall personal and economic prosperity for all residents.

According to the Tax Foundation NY, NJ & CA all rank near last place respectively out of the 50 States in the United States of America.

A person can then draw the conclusion that NY having the most restrictive gun laws also happens to have the worst business climate. New Jersey also ranks in second to last place in “Business Climate Tax Rate” and consequently is ranked as the number 2 state in the Bradley Campaign in regards to gun control laws.

However, it should be understood that liberals would view this relationship as an inverse (rather than a direct correlation, since they view draconian and restrictive gun laws as a positive. Although, in all fairness liberals might also view maximizing wealth redistribution as a positive too.

So, why would the people of New Jersey continue to vote for the democrats whom have managed to put New Jersey in last place in almost every possible economic prosperity measure? It’s probably due to the fact that “non-producers” (government employees, public & private union labor & recipients of public sector entitlements) essentially have been financially rewarded more than the average working class people “the producers.”

New Jersey is an example of socialism gone awry, where those at the top of the food chain are financial targets, from the voting majority at the bottom; which consequently results in massive, disproportionate wealth distribution.

Recall Sweeney isn’t just about the 2nd Amendment, it’s about government which has run amuck and no longer represents the hard working people in the State of New Jersey.


One thought on “Possible Correlation between Gun Laws & Prosperity

  1. J Pyle says:

    There may be a correlation between restrictive gun laws and economic prosperity, much the same with restrictive gun laws and poverty, crime, tax rates, education outcomes and population trends. The root cause, however, is the same in all cases, politicians that place their own aspirations ahead of the well being of the citizens they are elected to serve. The fact that the vast majority are Democrats is not a coincidence nor is it a statistical anomaly, it is a validation of what many have said for decades and it needs to end. Let’s begin the process and clean house in Trenton!

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