Lesson: How To Buy Votes & Live for FREE!

We set fourth the postulate that Stephen Sweeney and the New Jersey Democrats have systematically put into place (via stealth legislation), a form of government which is reaching the point of no return and will eventually lead to complete financial collapse of the State of New Jersey.  We have transformed from covert to the overt purchasing of votes with the tax payers funds (via help the helpless legislation), with some of the most egregious social welfare and wealth redistribution programs, which the world has ever seen.

The Fatal Sequence, is a little known favorite quote of mine, which is frequently attributed to Alexander Fraser Tytler, who was a Scottish Statesman born around the time of the American Revolution.  It talks about the 9 stages which all societies go through, and eventually over the course of time are destined to repeat.

A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury…

The above anonymous quote is very similar to the “materialist conception of history” (i.e. Historical Materialism a philosophy put forth by Karl Marx in the 19th century.  The underlying concept is that societies are continuously evolving through various forces, and that a sudden change is often required to go from one state to another (but not always as we will soon see).

I first become aware of some of the New Jersey “stealth legislation,” which I will define as:

any legislation, which is advertised to help people and save others, but in essence is a hidden redistribution of money which is taken via statue from the hardworking tax payers.

In other words, if you don’t pay your taxes, you will go to jail; and we as a society have evolved to a point where tax payers (contributors), are far outnumbered by benefactors (freeloaders).  Are the hardworking NJ taxpayers whom contribute the majority of the money to the NJ State Budget, receiving appropriate value or are the NJ Taxpayers being snubbed by the Democratically controlled Senate and Assembly via:

Taxation without Representation!

Does it truly make sense that society allows an equal economic votes for those inividuals who don’t contribute a penny to the State of NJ, but who suck the marrow from the taxpayers – a negative reward system which has lead to the highest property taxes in United States history.   It is fair when the majority of the State’s largesse is redistributed to individuals who don’t create any real wealth (social welfare recipients, food stamp beneficiaries, state funded salaries, pensions, free medical for life, etc. ALL siphon money from the system).

Now, let’s provide a few examples of programs which on the surface appear to be doing good, but a look under the hood, exposes the reality of poorly run, inefficient, bureaucratic disasters – which encourage individuals to remain on public assistance essentially until the program is cancelled or restricted:

  1. NJ Energy Assistance Program (Free PSEG, Free Gas, Electric & Oil

  2. Free Food
  3. Free College (Federal) 
  4. Free College (State Program)
  5. One Stop Career Center:  Free Tuition for Unemployed People plus months of extra benfits.
  6. Free Mortgage Payments for 2 Year $48,000.00 (a.k.a. NJ Home Keeper Program) 

With all they programs the Tax Payers are funding, one has to ask the question, Why even bother looking for a new job?

Frequently Asked Questions

New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency (NJHMFA)
637 South Clinton Avenue
P.O. Box 18550
Trenton, NJ 08650NJHMFA Website:

HomeKeeper Call Center:
1-877-496-4951 (toll free)

We called the above number to confirm this wasteful program, which cost NJ and US Tax Payers over $200 Million Dollars by helping Wealthy People live in their houses as deadbeats for 2 years for free on the Tax Payer’s dime!

So, who benefited from the millions of dollars wasted away in this program (mostly formally rich WHITE PEOPLE!)  It looks like this program which was fully supported from Stephen Sweeney was finally cancelled after costing tax payers millions of dollars, which essentially helped keep wealthy deadbeats (people who allegedly couldn’t afford to pay up to their $429,619 mortgages).

Due to the flaws in the program, even people who straight out owned their homes, lost their jobs, and then took a second mortgage also should have easily qualified for the interest free $48,000 2 years of payments – assuming they also hid all their cash from the program administrators. It’s safe to assume that nearly $50 million dollars which was taken by the administrators (most likely Sweeney’s appointed friends & supporters) is gone forever unless some sort of criminal investigation is opened.

Here we have a state where the Democrats cry about a traffic jam on a bridge, which is a daily occurrence due to one of the most wasteful burrocratic organizations which the world has ever seen a.k.a. The NY / NJ Bridge & Tunnel Authority – which collects the highest tolls & fees in the USA from citizens attempting to cross state borders from NJ to NY – feeding the public union machine.  Yet, the biggest hypocrites are the NJ democrats who have wasted millions of tax payer dollars on “help the helpless” government programs, which in the end help nobody but themselves and are the equivalent of the “buying” of votes with monies from hard working taxpayers – this is reprehensible behavior, which further encourages “moral hazard.”

There’s Stephen Sweeney below, smiling with his fellow democrats, who gave away millions of dollars in federal Tarp money to rich deadbeats, and helped drag out the housing crisis for years after the crash in 2007.  In fact, Stephen’s failed program, which wasted millions was official shut down on November 30th, 2013, but don’t worry, if you’re already taking $2,000 per / month to pay your mortgage, you can continue to do so until you collect your $48,000 from the willing tax payers for voted for TARP.

Your NJ Elected Leadership is awesome, getting you all this “free” federal money.


Source:  http://www.njlegdistrict3.com/2011/06/30/legislators-advise-residents-of-nj-homekeeper-program/

Reality Check:  To qualify for the program, they didn’t consider the value of the home or other assets of the individuals, you just had to show 3 months of payments remaining in your bank account.  You’re a wealthy landlord owning two family houses, don’t worry, Stephen’s program gives you even more money to pay off your mortgage interest free.

…but everyone has to eventually pay back the money…  not exactly true.  The longer you remain a deadbeat, the more the government will forgive your debt, at a rate of 25% per / year.  After 5 years, that $48,000 was a gift from the government for being an unproductive member of society.

Therefore, wealthy people who wanted to qualify, with million dollars homes, just had to pay off their mortgages below the required $429,000 level, then go open up a safety deposit box in their bank, next, withdraw ALL THEIR CASH, except showing 3 months of payments, and you are all set.  You now have a zero interest free loan thanks to Stephen Sweeney’s awesome “NJ Home Keepers Program” for wealthy dead beats and lots of hidden reserve cash safe in the bank.  Don’t worry, the interest rates are already at near zero percent, so you’re not missing any interest payments.

  • Can’t pay your utility bills, no problem, we listed that program above, don’t worry you’ll qualify.
  • Can’t pay for your children’s ivy league education, no worries… not only will the state and federal government help you pay for it, but you might even get preferential admissions depending on your race (not based your academic achievements).
  •   Worried about paying back the $48,000 to the federal government under the “Hardest Hit Program.”  No worries, just stay a dead beat for 5 years, and the Federal TARP program kicks in, and you don’t have to pay a penny.

Your still not happy, you feel that the State of NJ owes you more since you lost your job…  No problem, just go to your local “One Stop Career Center,” and be instantly rewarded with lots of extra weeks of unemployment insurance (dis-incentive to find a new job), lots of perks, like free tuition, free books and even USB flash drives – we give it all away, and the best part if YOU NEVER HAVE TO REPAY THE GENEROUS TAX PAYERS.

Let’s just say you’ve already paid off your house in full (you’re financially set), but you still want an interest free loan for $450,000 dollars at zero percent (just like the US Federal Reserve provides to the nations banks).  All you have to do is take a second mortgage (yes, second mortgages are OK for this program – the more debt the better qualified you will be under these government backed programs).  Just apply to the Stephen Sweeney “Home Keepers Program” to get that interest free loan you absolutely deserve – imagine what you could do with an extra $450k interest free loan for the next 2 years, knowing you don’t really have to pay back the $48k, provided you continue to be a deadbeat.

Don’t worry about getting caught, it’s perfectly legal, and even if it’s not, you can just lie like Harry Ried did to the authorities:  let them know you were redirecting “gifts” for all your relatives and family and you didn’t realize it was against the law – It worked for Harry Reid, so surely it can work for you in a US court of law.


NJ is pretty much, they best state in the USA if you want to become a wealthy dead beat, the more you are a bum, the greater the rewards – All we ask in return is that you VOTE AND SUPPORT THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF NJ AND CONSIDER ELECTING STEPHEN SWEENEY AS THE NEXT GOVERNOR OF NEW JERSEY SO HE MAY FINISH HIS VISION OF FULLY BANKRUPTING THE ENTIRE STATE OF NJ, NOT JUST HIS OWN DISTRICT AND TOWN.

Some additional Details:



Source:  https://www.njhomekeeper.com/

  1. Do you owe no more than $429,619 in total mortgage debt (or, if you have a two-unit home, no more than $550,005)?

Source:  http://www.njhomekeeper.com/spv-56.aspx



Source:  https://www.njhomekeeper.com/rfv-91.aspx

Website:  http://www.njhomekeeper.com/spv-55.aspx

Please review our F.A.Q. section to answer your most commonly asked questions.

Information for Housing Counseling Agencies
Housing counseling agencies interested in participating in the
NJ HomeKeeper/Hardest Hit Fund Programs can apply by clicking here.

The Below was reprinted from the programs website, they actually admit the program wasted MILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF NJ TAXPAYER MONEY AND FEDERAL MONIES:


New Jersey Homekeeper Expected to Shut Down by December 2013


New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency (NJHMFA)  is said to be closing the doors on NJ Homekeeper approvals very soon – perhaps as early as this weekend.  No more help to struggling homeowners in New Jersey.  It’s over.  Kaput.

Some may be surprised.  I’m not.  I never understood why, with so many homeowners in trouble they expected this money to last for years.  Perhaps that was when they planned to NOT give out much of the money.  But then they got called on the carpet and had to make a change of plans.

So, according to unofficial numbers, $206,000,000 of the Hardest Hit Funds was allocated to homeowners.  And there’s about $53,400,000 remaining.  New Jersey was handed $300,500,000 by the Treasury.  After some basic addition and subtraction, it seems NJ Housing will claim over $41,000,000 in expenses.  It’s one of the most obnoxious things I’ve ever heard.

I can make it simpler. Let’s look at smaller numbers. For every $100,000 that NJHMFAgave to homeowners, their claim is it cost them a whopping $13,680. I assure you that if Bank of America incurred this kind of (pure administrative overhead) expense to originate mortgage loans, their doors would be closed. It is abominable and unconscionable that NJHMFA was permitted to make that kind of profit off the backs of homeowners. The overwhelming majority of that $13,680 was profit in their bank account.

Those New Jerseyans who got approved for this program and avoided foreclosure are a very lucky bunch of folks. But no one made out like a big fat stinking rat as did the program administrator. Worse than disgusting.

Back to Alexander Fraser Tytler’s Quote:

Great nations rise and fall. The people go from bondage to spiritual truth, to great courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to selfishness, from selfishness to complacency, from complacency to apathy, from apathy to dependence, from dependence back again to bondage.”

We know that New Jersey has transcended from “abundance to selfishness” (Stephen Sweeney and his cronies) and is at the point of “selfishness to complacency” (citizens are still taking it up the rear and paying their taxes without question) …but we must realize that the only path to reverse the morally wrong path to “apathy and dependence and eventually bondage” is to NOT vote for the democratic party; whom have proven themselves as selfish wealth destroyers without any morality, and have consistently denied the law abiding citizens of NJ their just liberty.

Source:  http://blogs.chicagotribune.com/news_columnists_ezorn/2011/03/five-reasons-concealed-carry-backers-in-springfield-are-optimistic-.html


Understanding Debt:

debt is an obligation owed by one party (the debtor) to a second party, the creditor; usually this refers to assets granted by the creditor to the debtor, but the term can also be used metaphorically to cover moral obligations and other interactions not based on economic value.

Perhaps the only true way to avoid amoral stealing from the tax payers, is to create a morally correct system of indebtedness, where those who choose to take public funds (the debtor), should carry the obligation of repaying those monies taken from the tax payers (the creditor), and be asked to repay those funds at some point in the future or forfeit their right to partake in the voting of redistribution of tax payer collected wealth.  It’s no different then the way a proxy system works for a public company.  That is a morally correct system, where the generous tax payers determine, whom and how much money will be received by those whom don’t contribute to the public largesse.

Nobody should ever be without food or shelter in America, which is one of the most compassionate and generous countries to have ever have existed, but stealing money from hardworking people to purchase votes is amoral.  Politicians whom consistently deny the citizens of New Jersey their rights guaranteed under the US Constitution is amoral and illegal.

There are no easy answers, only difficult questions, which need to be asked right NOW and answered by our elected officials in the coming elections. We know that New Jersey is near last place in almost every economic measurement possible (property taxes – last, income taxes – second to last, unemployed citizens – bottom 25th percentile, etc.); and we need new leadership which will provide a better future for all citizens.

The question which every American should be asking themselves right now is:

What stage of society  is our local, state and national government in, and which stage do we want to hand off to future generations?


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