We can really use your help.  To successfully pull off this monumental task in the State of NJ, we will need an army of volunteers.  Please let us know if you are interested in working phones, canvassing, media relations experience, publicity, fund raising, or open to other tasks as they arise.

The majority of people we are looking should be physically capable of walking door to door to collect signatures or set up booths outside of local supermarkets, etc. i.e. Collect Signatures.





8 thoughts on “Volunteer

  1. N Rudy says:

    it is quite shameful how residents of New Jersey are treated by those that are voted in to represent us.

    Hopefully in this “2A Spring” (copyright pending

  2. chris g says:

    Get this done and get him out of office now!

  3. Charles Jeff says:

    I am 100% in to support as much as I can and boot this thug out.

    Charles Jeff

  4. den says:

    I would like to add All Patriots out there I fully support the 2nd amendment and consider myself a three percenter. I would suggest to all New Jersey firearm owners especially men to stand! Connecticut is also being run by liberals as well as New York it is time for men to stand it is time if not for yourself for your children’s future because it’s looking pretty gloom as we see it right now my step kids just got fingerprinted at school without my consent! And things seem to be getting worse…please every man in New Jersey don’t lay down to this things are getting worse it is time to stand…Tennessee here I come!

    1. Amy says:

      Three percent, NJ! I am already trying to figure out how I can help. Trying to figure out when I can volunteer…I have a ten year old and a three year old, stay-at-home mom.

  5. den says:

    I plan on leaving this s*** hole state in the next few months for Tennessee Tennessee has the firearms Freedom Act protecting Tennesseans from the dictator government and finding the government in the event they f*** with people from Tennessee regulating their guns I will do what I can while I still live here in New Jersey but I am leaving in the next few months because of the god damn liberals who was taking this state and ruined it I am a property manager of 20 plus years and cannot find a job they have ruined the state and it’s not worth living here anymore

    1. John Santi says:

      Im leaving to, but this problem is going to chase us like a cancer. Next they will go after Pa. Then they will further stregnthen their position till they hit the south. We must he proactive and get on the offensive. They are taking over one state at abtime. Simply moving isnt enough. We have to think about our children.

  6. Wendie Kuhn says:

    Let’s get him OUT soon!!!!!!!!!

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