Recall Sweeney Day of Action


A recall is a procedure by which voters can remove an elected official from office through a direct vote before his or her term has ended.

NJ Constitutional law allows a State legislator to be recalled if the citizens of New Jersey are not happy with the way they are representing their constituents. We have the ability to restore NJ by initiating this recall and having Senator Sweeney kicked out of office for acting in his own interest and not the interests of NJ residents. We will begin the day with a speech from Timothy Knight (founder of 3 successful recalls), 30 minutes of training, and then everyone will be provided recall petitions and a list of names and addresses of people to sign the petition in legislative district 3.

Please join us to make New Jersey and American history by recalling Senator Stephen Sweeney. He has destroyed New Jersey with his terrible policies which have led to:

1.  The worst State for economic growth.

2.  Refuses to listen to educators and parents to stop PARCC (corporate controlled common core education).

3.  Drove 10,000 millionaires out of NJ in 2013 alone to live/retire in more tax friendly and tax-free States.

4. Small, mid, and large companies have relocated to more business friendly States due to his failed policies. Mercedes Benz being one of the most recent and taking 1,000+ excellent paying jobs to Georgia.

5.  Cost of living and services is the highest of any State.

6.  Number one State people are leaving due to tax migration.

7.  Highest Property Taxes of any State.

8.  Highest Estate and Inheritance Taxes in Nation.

9.  Highest Income Taxes in USA.

10. Refuses to listen to constituents on serious issues. 

11.  Sweeney's Decade of Budgets was Ranked the worst in the nation by an independent panels of experts as reported by the WSJ Article published June 8th, 2015.

12. NJ Tax Payers Pay More then Anyone, and receive less.  Example, NJ Roads and Infrastructure are ranked near the worst of any State according to an article published in Business Insider.
The list goes on and on! More to come!

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